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You Can Get Astrology Soaps That Smell Like Your Sign, and the Descriptions Are So Spot-On

I’m a sucker for a product that aligns with my star sign, so when I stumbled across Whiskey River’s Astrology Soaps, I was a goner. You could practically hear my credit card *whooshing* from my wallet as I clicked on the items for Cancers. A bar soap that smells like “buried emotions” and “moody mojitos”? Uh, I’m a little offended (and impressed) by how spot-on that scent is. The collection also includes liquid hand soaps with similarly cheeky names. I’m bummed my best friend’s birthday just passed; she’s the one I’m always sending horoscopes to, and these soaps would’ve made a great present. Is it too much to store a couple for next year? While I’m thinking about it, feel free to keep reading and find your own soap. Does the description nail your personality too?

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