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The Top-Rated Waterproof Concealers That Hold Up No Matter What Life Throws at You

Even if you’ve recently pared down your beauty routine (and swapped in double-duty products like tinted moisturizers or BB creams), we’re here to make a case for concealer — and waterproof concealer, in particular. These formulas not only even out hyperpigmentation and mask dark undereye circles, but they also last through literally any activity or emotion you’re facing.

They can also be your only product if you’re now mostly going makeup-free to let your skin breathe. After all, water-resistant options are not as transfer-prone, so there’s less to get on your protective mask . . . and you’re not spending time on a full face to then cover most of it up.

We looked through all the reviews at Sephora and these waterproof concealers are proven to hold up through rain, sweat, and tears, too. Some even have skin-nourishing ingredients to help prevent the problems they’re patching up, but every single one has at least an average four-star rating from other shoppers.

Here are the top-rated waterproof concealers from Sephora for hours of virtual meetings, midday workouts, and summer right around the corner, too.

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