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I Tried Lady Gaga's Latest Eyeshadow Palette, and Just Wait Till You See These Looks

Last week, I was going through my Instagram and went into a spiral. I promise it wasn’t too deep, but I did notice that I’ve been playing it way too safe when it comes to makeup. Galas, parties, even industry events, and I didn’t bother with a lash. Listen, we all have our preferences, but the more I mature and learn about makeup, the more I choose to give myself permission to be adventurous. Playing it safe is not my ball game.

With brightly colored makeup, some of my hesitation comes from insecurities about drawing negative attention to myself — it makes me anxious, but I’ve harbored that for way too long. It’s high past time to break that cycle by trying out fun eyeshadow palettes that give me real-life emoji heart eyes. Links”>Lady Gaga’s latest from Haus Laboratories — the new Limited-Edition Stupid Love Eye Shadow Palette — did just that. It’s like a mirage of looks we’ve seen from the singer compacted into 18 high-intensity shades. Keep scrolling to see the results.

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