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I Always Wanted to Be Rachel Green From Friends, So I Recreated Her Most Iconic Hairstyles

Like most people my age, I was — and still am — obsessed with Friends. I used to watch the show any time I caught it on TV and then later on in life, before it left Netflix for good, I rewatched the entire series from start to finish. As a New Yorker myself, I find the show familiar and comforting, and of course, I just love the characters — especially Rachel Greene.

Very few fictional characters have had such an impact on beauty and style trends like Rachel, save for Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. There are so many things that Rachel is known for; her trendy ’90s fashion choices, her signature inward-blow out (which pretty much everyone requested at the hair salon at least once, don’t lie), her endless collection of claw clips. It’s no wonder I wanted to be her so bad when I was growing up.

While I can only hope to build up a collection of Rachel-esque wardrobe staples one day, I can “steal her style” by copying just a few of iconic her hair looks. Check them out, ahead.

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