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Dove Cameron Celebrated Her 26th Birthday With a New Tattoo

Image Source: Getty/Taylor Hill

Dove Cameron celebrated her 26th birthday on Jan. 15 and marked the occasion with a new tattoo. On Monday, the Powerpuff actor shared a carousel of images on Instagram documenting her birthday celebrations, starting with a mirror selfie and ending with a homemade birthday cake and fresh body art.

“Gorgeous gorgeous boys let me tattoo them because it’s my birthday and/or surprise me by getting my birth year as their first tattoo,” read Cameron’s caption on the post, disclosing that not only did one friend get a matching tattoo with her (second slide), but they also let her tattoo her birth year, 1996, on them. The design Cameron and her friend got together is a sword. (She got it on her inner wrist under her “IMMORTAL” tattoo, while her friend got it on the back of their ankle next to the 1996 ink.) The artwork is by a Los Angeles-based tattooist by the name of Sweetpea, who specializes in fine-line black-ink tattoos.

Cameron has 18 tiny tattoos that we know of, and many of them hold a special meaning to her. Though the story behind this sword design is unclear, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one has a hidden significance too. Get a closer look at her new ink ahead.

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