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6 No-Cast Sunscreens Black Women Can't Stop Obsessing Over

When it comes to skin care, a huge misconception among people of color is that we don’t need to wear sunscreen. It’s a myth that’s been around for ages due to many people’s belief that having melanin in our skin is protection enough, but the truth is that melanin alone can’t protect you or your skin from UV rays. Darker skin is actually more prone to things like sun damage, skin cancer, and pigmentation, and skin cancer that’s diagnosed in many people of color is often met with grim outcomes because of late detection. For that reason, you should still be applying sunscreen every day.

Of course, finding a great sunscreen isn’t always easy for Black people, since so many products are made with formulas that leave white casts on the skin. That said, there are still some amazing SPF products out there that Black women love — and we asked four to share their favorites, ahead.

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